Our Photo Album

Browse the pictures of this photo album page, and then come to the church to greet old friends and meet new friends.  We hope you and your family will be a part of the many activities and programs of the church as we grow in our faith together!

Vacation Bible School 2009 Pictures

Vacation bible school was the hallmark of Summer 2009 for the children (and adults) of Hickory Log Baptist Church. See for yourself!

Family Fun Day 2009

Faith, family, food, and funówe had it all.† Take a look!

Pastor Anniversary 2009

Join us on a photographic tour as we honor our pastor and first lady for 20 years of faithful service at Hickory Log Baptist Church.

Hickory Log Baptist Church

of Canton, Georgia

Hickory Log Baptist Church††† 179 Belletta Drive††† Canton, Georgia 30114-2002††† (770) 479-3347

R.D. Holmes, Pastor